Monday, 10 June 2013

My university bedroom

As most people know, I absolutely love Bristol, uni and my student life (heck, I generally love most things, but that's by the by), so it'll come as no surprise that as the academic year draws to a close - I had my last exam this morning, hoorah! - I'm starting to feel really quite sad about leaving not just for the summer but for a whole 15 months! (Check out my year abroad plans here.)

I've been really fortunate to live in a lovely area of Bristol, on a lovely street, in a lovely house, and in a really lovely room this year, and I'm going to miss it a lot. As a student, I think it's really important to make your bedroom your own little sanctuary, your haven, your personal home within your shared home (this year I've been living with six friends!) Personally, I love keeping my room clean and tidy, and it's really important that it reflects my personality - cue an explosion of girly nick-nacks!

At the beginning of this year I blogged about the best ways to decorate a student room, but obviously I've just put up more and more posters, pictures and revision notes (they make me feel smart... ish) over the year, and I love it. I'm always collecting postcards and ripping pages out of magazines to add to my (some may say OTT) bedroom, and I hope these pictures may give you some decorating ideas. Or maybe you'd just like to have a nosey round my room. Hey, I'm not judging. I'd do the same.

The view from the top of our house

I spend most of my days sitting here working/blogging/on facebook, and I love it. Fairy lights are a must.

Keep calm and drink tea = my mantra. And yes, these are tea towels on the wall, but I think they're too pretty to use for drying pots and pans.

I covered a plain set of drawers in a pretty throw, and on top you'll find two massive dictionaries that haven't been used nearly enough, my yummy tin of goodies, and one of my many scrapbooks.

Using a Clinique box as home for my nail varnishes (and this isn't even all of them!)

Love my (sort-of) walk-in wardrobe, despite how overflowing it is. Yes, those are wellies at the back. I hate rain.

One Direction calendar. Natch. I love being able to go down to the garden from my bedroom.

Edgy shot from the floor. (Bunting made from old PJ bottoms!)

I like displaying my pretty toiletries. Chanel was a freebie. #studentwin

Paperchase = my life

Cards from my mum, so many cake-related presents, photos in pretty frames and my lip-balm deck-chair (what, don't you have one?)


  1. I love how you've done your room! Kind-of gutted my room in halls is half packed up now, as I'd love to do a similar post. Hope your exams went well - my final one of first year is this afternoon.

    1. Oh, well I'm sure you'll still be able to do an equally good one next year :) Thank you so much and good luck with your last exam. Freedom is so close! Thanks for reading and commenting. X

  2. I just love your room because somehow it looks like my room.

    1. Thank you! Sounds like you have a lovely room :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Kiran. Oh, what a small world! Hope you're loving Bristol as much as me :) I'm so glad to hear my post might give you some decorating tips - enjoy second year!
      I've just had a read of your blog and it looks great! Lucky you to have spent your birthday in Dubai :) X

  4. I love how well organised and decorated your room is. Where did you get those goregous floral fairy lights? Though - *gasps in horror* please please don't use Clinique toner on your skin - it has enough alcohol in it to strip paint! Especially the number 3 strength!

    1. Aww thanks so much! Would you believe my brother actually gave me the lights as a Christmas present!? very impressive, I thought. He got them from Bath Christmas Market.
      Oh, and don't worry I only use the Clinique toner VERY occasionally :)

  5. It looks really cool, check out my latest post on my University Room and see what you think :) xxx


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